This  spring will be our first spring as the RENCE Boutique. Cold winds change into warm shades of pink while millions of blooms start doing their magic, and we feel very excited to be born at such a beautiful time of the year.

If you are, like us, interested in discovering beautiful things, spring must be a time you love to the fullest. It’s a perfect time to refurbish yourself after those large sweaters and chunky coats, is it not?

We’ve gathered a few of our personal inspirations this spring. Now that the things are getting brighter , and the days are longer, there is surely some space for inspiration in our heads!

  1. Flower Romance

Flower power, in our opinion, will never have an expiration day. The come back of embroidery is one of the best things at the moment!

  1. Lace Lovin’

Nothing compares to the feeling and the look of that delicate lace against your skin. Instant appeal!

  1. All Those Frills

So excited to see so many frills and attention on those sleeves! Somehow it’s so much fun to wear these things!

  1. Retro Feels

Everyone goes nuts for retro at some point, wether it’s watching the Mad Men or looking at your mum’s photos from when she was young.

  1. Simply Dreamy

Spring and summer is definitely that time when we dream the most, at the seaside, at the park, or while spring cleaning at home.


What inspires you most at this time of the year?



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