Most have this wrong idea of vintage being ”just some old used clothes”. As a generation looking for something new, cheap and fast, we often forget few things that vintage can in fact offer.

  • Vintage proves that some things can last a long time when it comes to quality- and their presence is the perfect example.
  • It can make you feel unique by having a one in a thousand ( or even a million) piece.

It is a great feeling to be individual and escape the masses at least once in a while! Without knowing you can be someone’s style inspiration by simply walking down the street in something they did not see in the shops around.


  • Pre- owned and pre-loved pieces have a tendency to make you feel like you need to take better care of them, which we really lack when buying fast and cheap fashion.


  • Of course, not forgetting the environmental benefit of this. Have you researched how many clothes get thrown away each year? Go on, check it out! By wearing vintage you make an impact.
  • And, if that is not enough- celebrities love vintage!
We are excited to have brands that support vintage or those that support pre-loved, good quality re-using. If you are someone like that, get in touch and be a part of our vintage loving family!
Check our first vintage seller ‘Vintgellina’ for some great style picks from the days gone by.

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