Doing something yourself, such as creating your own brand, business, or just crafting an idea can be a tough task, and those that do it know it. Just like everything in life, having a brand has it’s own ups and downs, but if that was easy- everyone would do it, right? So what are the most important things for going forth and being successful?


As long as you have the confidence and the right mind-set, you can achieve and create anything. And even if you don’t know how (yet) , you can learn. Just look around at how many possibilities you have to pick up something new for your skill set , each day! Doubting yourself is a natural state; we all stand back and look at ourselves and what we do from time to time. There is an immense pressure, not only that which comes from within us, but from the world around us and how much it has to offer. One of our best discoveries online recently was this virtual corner called The Fashion Darling, which has covered a great topic on Impostor Syndrome

Make sure you check the whole website, as it has great tips that will come useful!



When we craft something that is truly ours, such as our brand, we feel like we want everything to be done exactly the way we see it, so most of us end up doing everything from A to Z. Yes, sometimes when you are at your start line, you have to do it, as you have limited budget and resources . Some never stop however! And that can end up being a big big problem. When you have hundreds of things on your mind, but no quality time on any of those hundred to spare, it will end up a big mess and you will lose the love you have first felt for the whole idea. If you choose to maintain your own website, your social media, your products, your marketing,your customer service, soon one or the other will be lacking your attention and it will not be a cohesive overall melody. Make sure you give your head a ‘breathing break’ as soon as possible- these days you do not have to spend fortune to get help and it’s okay to admit you need it!



Always make sure there is still fun in what you do and keep it personal. Your customers can really see it in your brand. The word is full of big sharks out there offering crazy small prices and it makes you wonder if you could ever succeed? Just stop there. These sharks, all they do is consume and create consumers. Yes, once they had great stories about them, but those days are now gone. And then there you are, a tiny fish with a tiny story. But it’s a personal story and a personal touch to everything you make. And isn’t that just special? As we have covered it earlier, you have to get yourself time to create and not end up in doubting and working too much, and as everyone has different hopes for their brands ( some want to keep them small and some want them to go real big), you have to set your priorities right from the start and keep at them, always adding you in the brand and doing it with a smile!



Now you don’t have to go crazy on creating collections for every season – why don’t we just create something timeless that will go with any season, right? That’s where you get to say, fashion can be real ugly if it needs to be changed every 3 months or so. Let’s keep our attention on style. It is important to give your customers something new when you have a chance, to keep them curious and have a range to choose from, but one of the most important things will always be quality. And that’s where we strongly support ” quality over quantity” statement. Always be true to yourself and your customer when it comes to quality. Just ask yourself, would you want to have this and pay money for it?



Giving up can be the easiest option to take, but before you do you should analyse every little bit that you do. If something does not work, do not force it and always try something new- there are plenty of ways to go about it. Maybe you are too pushy with your marketing, or maybe it’s the opposite- customers just don’t know you’re out there? Maybe you have done section 2 above a little too much and no longer feel passion for the thing? Maybe you chase trends too much? Is your budget going the wrong way or for the wrong purpose? There can be so many reasons! And each of the reasons can have an action plan to make sure things get better. Don’t forget, once you choose this path, no two months will be the same- you might have an amazing February and a really quiet March, or even a couple of months. This does not mean you should drop it ,quite the opposite! The list does not finish just there, it is in fact a very long list. Every list is personal, with its own tweaks. We think these 5 sections are the most common and should be a part of everyone’s list. Have a wonderful start to your great adventure of crafting  your own brand!


Love, Rence

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